How to Run Seminars and Workshops

How to Run Seminars and Workshops

Presentation Skills for Consultants, Trainers, Teachers, and Salespeople
4. Aufl.

von: Robert L. Jolles

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 16.03.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781119374336
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Make your message stick with expert help from this classic trainer's resource How to Run Seminars and Workshops is the classic guide for trainers and presenters in any industry. Packed with clear advice and real-world practicality, this book covers all aspects including planning, setup, delivery, coaching, and more—including valuable guidance on selling your services. This new Fourth Edition has been updated and expanded, with new information on training simulations, self-marketing, and online delivery. New templates and worksheets help you sell your presentation more effectively, and insider tips leave you equipped to handle any situation that might arise. Novice presenters will find extensive guidance for every phase of the process, and even veteran presenters will learn how to fine-tune and adjust their methods to suit their audience and mode of delivery. Most trainers and presenters know all they need to know about their chosen topic, but very few know how to present it effectively. For more than a decade, this book has been training the trainers—from behind-the-scenes preparations to "in the pit" performance and working with trainees hands-on, straightforward guidance shows you how to: Capture and hold the audience's interest with expert pacing and visual aids Take advantage of new technologies that make training more accessible Prepare each session thoroughly to avoid mistakes, malfunctions, and delays Offer effective feedback, fine-tune delivery, market your services, and more As training departments shrink—many disappearing entirely—more and more companies are turning to keynote and workshop delivery as a way of reaching key clients. Podcasts are replacing live training, and new technology is continually changing the way presentations are made. Professional trainers and speakers must understand the nuances of any audience/delivery permutation, and tailor their methods to match. How to Run Seminars and Workshops is a trusted resource for presenters seeking to boost their effectiveness at any level, in any industry.
Preface ix Acknowledgments xv PART I GETTING STARTED Chapter 1 Creating a Seminar Business 3 Chapter 2 Working with Adult Audiences 29 Chapter 3 Recognizing Trainees’ Levels of Behavior 47 Chapter 4 The Personality Parade: Training All Different Types of People 55 Chapter 5 The Pace Race: How to Train Groups with Diverse Needs 85 Chapter 6 Anatomy of an 8:00 a.m. Start: Finalizing On-Site Preparations 93 PART II DELIVERY: THE ART OF MAKING GREAT PRESENTATIONS Chapter 7 The Secret of Success: Selling Your Presentation 113 Chapter 8 Thirty Tips on Maintaining Interest 141 Chapter 9 The Art of Effective Questioning: Getting Trainees Involved 167 Chapter 10 Using Visual Aids 193 Chapter 11 Technology and Training 203 Chapter 12 Taking Your Training Online 221 Chapter 13 Giving Feedback and Coaching 235 Chapter 14 Tricks of the Trade 243 PART III IMPROVING THE TRAINING PROCESS Chapter 15 Inside the Mind of a Professional Speaker: How to Present Your Best Self 267 Chapter 16 The Value of Good Training: Hiring Effective Trainers 281 Chapter 17 Avoiding the Training Trap: Problems with Relevance and Respect 289 Chapter 18 Developing a Training Staff 297 Chapter 19 Evaluation and Support 303 Chapter 20 Adventures in Cross-Training 311 Epilogue: What’s Next? 319 Index 323
A sought-after speaker and bestselling author, ROB JOLLES teaches, entertains, and inspires audiences worldwide. He is president of Jolles Associates, Inc., an independent training consulting firm, and a training consultant for more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, more than fifty financial institutions, numerous universities, and powerhouse organizations like Disney, Toyota, Northrop Grumman, and NASA. His bestselling books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. He lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland. For more information, visit
Overcome Your Fear and Present Like a Pro Deliver a Presentation that Motivates and Inspires Captivate Your Audience with Creative Ideas THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR ANYONE WHO MAKES A LIVING SHARING WHAT THEY KNOW WITH OTHERS "Over the past few decades, I have watched Rob Jolles successfully educate and train thousands of professionals on mastering the art of consultative selling, persuasion and public speaking. There is one common denominator to his success, and that's his ability to orchestrate and run seminars and workshops that work. This book is a must for everyone!" —Glenn M. Cackovic, managing partner, GlobalMacro Partners, LLC "Rob Jolles is a master at turning mere interest into lifelong impact through his seminars and workshops. The tactics and techniques he employs have been refined for more than 30 years and they are packaged here in a way that will help you elevate your next audience to a higher plane." —JV Venable, former USAF Thunderbird Commander and author of Breaking the Trust Barrier! "I've learned a great deal from Rob Jolles about how to execute effective and profitable sales workshops and seminars. The latest version has many ideas about implementing worthwhile online programs that we are putting into action imminently." —Fred Diamond, founder, Institute for Excellence in Sales Most presenters know all about their chosen subject. Unfortunately, few of them know how to present what they know. Over the past quarter century, this book has taught tens of thousands how to sell, teach, stand up, and deliver an effective training session or presentation on almost any subject, in any setting. In this updated Fourth Edition, Robert Jolles, former head of Xerox's world-renowned "Train-the-Trainer" program, once again shares proven techniques for winning over an audience, holding their interest, conveying important information, and moving them to action! New to this edition are a chapter on how to take your presentations and seminars online; more ways to use keynote and workshop delivery to market to clients and customers; new information on how to create and use simulations in training; and templates and worksheets for developing and fine-tuning your presentation selling skills. Packed with straightforward, trustworthy advice and powerful tools, How to Run Seminars & Workshops, Fourth Edition is an essential tool for professional trainers, speakers, teachers, salespeople, and business professionals.

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